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Stamppot! The ultimate Dutch comfort food...

Stamppot is a traditional Dutch dish made from a combination of potatoes mashed with one or several vegetables.

Below the basic recipe of boerenkool (curly kale, yes the superfood! 😀) stamppot served with traditional rookworst (smoked sausage).

Main vegetables pairing include sauerkraut, endive, kale, spinach, carrot & onion. A less common version is the so-called "hete bliksem", which is a mix of potatoes with sweet apples. One of my personal favs is leak stamppot (you bake the leak) with small diced ham and cheese.

It seems that the real origin of stamppot is unknown, although legends attributes to the invention of "hutspot" (carrots & onion) back to 1574. Using raw leafy vegetables instead of cooking them with the potatoes has not been dated to earlier than 1940... (wiki)

Recipe boerenkoolstamppot

Ingredients (4 pax)

- 1 kilo crumbly potatoes

- 500 gr boerenkool

- 1 rookworst

- pinch of salt

How to

- clean the potatoes and cut evenly

- cook the potatoes together with the boerenkool and a pinch of salt for about 20 minutes

- in the meantime warm up the smoked sausage in hot water

- warm the milk, but do not boil

- drain and mash the potatoes and boerenkool to a puree

- add the milk and butter and mix until smooth/creamy (although personally I like it still a bit chunky)

- serve on a plate with some pieces of the smoked sausage

Some nice condiments...

  • bacon (an onions)

  • mustard

  • pickles

  • piccalilly

Note, nowadays there are several different types of rookworst. On the pics I used rookworst with cheese inside, very good combo!

Also a nice variation is to bake the kale instead of cooking to keep a nice bite!

Other types of stamppot...

  • cooked carrots and onion served with beef stew called hutspot

  • sauerkraut stamppot can also be served with rookworst, bratwurst or bacon

  • any other veggie, like recently I created stamppot with red beets, added quite some pepper to oompf it up and can be served with for example sausage or meatballs.

Enjoy! 😋


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