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Listen to the barbells!

"The barbell teaches you a different lesson. The barbell holds the opportunities for getting stronger, changing your body, and building resolve. But (and this is the important bit) the barbell also doesn't give a sh*t about you.

You pick it up and you get positive, life-changing results.... or you don't and you get nothing. The bar doesn't care one way or another. It looks you right in the face and says, "This is going to be hard and it's going to take a lot of work, but the payoff is awesome. Take it or leave it."

In today's society, it's a lesson many need to lean. Life is a barbell. The opportunities are right there. You just have to pick them up and start grinding. It's all on you. Always has been. Always will be." ~ unknown

And so it seems that women can do less sport than men to stay healthy. How come? Women apparently get more results in less time, why? Of course, exercising is a good idea for all of us. But did you know that women can spend less time exercising than men to enjoy all the health advantages? So, go outside and walk or run, pick up those barbells (and listen to them)...

Same results in half the time...

Recent research in the Journal of American College of Cardiology shows that women need less exercise than men to reduce their risk of premature death or cardiovascular disease. Women who are moderately active five hours a week reduce their risk of premature death by 24 percent, compared to women who do not exercise. For men this percentage is slightly lower, namely 18 percent.


Women also achieve the same results in a shorter time than men. While men need to work up a sweat for five hours for an 18 percent risk reduction, women need just 2.5 hours for the same percentage. The same result in half the time? Girl power! 💪


More results with less training: how is that possible?

Are you ready to take out your running shoes, dust off your skipping rope or start loading the bar after this wonderful news? Let’s get on a roll! But before you start your workout, it's also nice to know why women experience more and faster health benefits than men.


According to the researchers, this difference has to do with the structure and functioning of the body. For example, men often have larger lungs, a larger heart and more muscle mass than women. This means that women have to work harder than men at the same activity. They have to breathe more, their metabolism has to work harder and they have to use more strength. Precisely for the reason that women exert more effort, they can achieve more health benefits than men as well. Every disadvantage has its advantage!


Exercise gap: women exercise less often than men

The fact that women benefit more quickly from the health benefits of exercise does not mean that they should exercise less. On the contrary, the researchers hope to motivate women to get moving. And that is really necessary! The research shows that women exercise far less often than men. An exercise gap? Next to the pay gap and orgasm gap, we don’t need another gap!


This exercise gap is caused by the historical pattern of social and societal norms, which encouraged more physical activity in men than in women across the lifespan. This is a pity, especially now we know that even a little bit of exercise can bring many benefits.

You go girl!

Exercise is good for everyone, regardless of gender. Do you find it stressful to start a new workout routine? Or do you exercise less often than you would like? Then keep in mind that you don't have to measure yourself against men, or anyone else, to be successful. Train as often and intensely as you like and what suits you best. We now know that this can have bigger results than you could ever dream of! inspo@whnl

Last but not least I'd like to share a motivational speech, The Iron Never Lies,

by Henry Rollins who's books, music and spoken word performances have been an inspiration to me already for years.

picture credits: Ross Halfin


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